As a kid, I was obsessed with radio and grew up in the golden age of independent local stations like Beacon, Signal and Marcher Sound, which enjoyed the freedom of content that reigned, before the big boys came along and turned everything into “Greatest-Hits-on-a-Loop FM”.

After moving from Shropshire to Liverpool in 2007, I became an active supporter of the local music scene, and in 2014 founded the Mersey Gig Guide which led to my weekly ‘What’s On’ spot on a local radio station. After a few months, I was offered my own show, which I left a year later, in search of a station that offered me more musical freedom.

In 2017, I was offered my dream show on the world famous, original pirate station Radio Caroline, where I looked after Early Breakfast every Thursday until August 2018. I moved to my current Sunday evening spot, 9-11pm, on 21st October 2018, and have been happily tucked away there ever since. All my shows, past and present, are available here if you fancy a listen.

By day, I’m a copywriter, proofreader and copy editor, providing a range of editorial services to business clients, authors and publishers – and whatever time I have left over is, not surprisingly, spent with my face shoved in a book.

Thanks for visiting – please feel free to get in touch.